Parceloop Online Configurator - Your Reliable Helper for Home Improvement and Renovation Projects

Discover Parceloop's in-depth online configurator, designed to support your home improvement or renovation projects of any scope. Whether it's minor repairs, alterations, conversions, additions, or outdoor improvements, Parceloop offers comprehensive options and user-friendly features to bring your vision to life. Explore their project types and create spaces that meet your unique needs and preferences with confidence.

Reliable helper. Parceloop Online Configurator

Parceloop offers an in-depth online configurator to accommodate home improvement or renovation projects. Whether that means minor repairs, alterations, conversions, additions, or outdoor improvements - no matter their scope. No matter the scope or complexity of your project, Parceloop's in-depth online configurator is designed to support your home improvement or renovation journey. 

With their commitment to providing comprehensive options and user-friendly features. Parceloop empowers homeowners to bring their vision to life and create spaces that meet their unique needs and preferences. Let's explore all of their project types available via Parceloop:


The repair category within Parceloop's configurator is perfect for small-scale projects that require updates and improvements. It excels in handling simple surface repairs, such as cosmetic touch-ups, minor repairs, and site improvements. If you have specific areas that need quick and efficient attention, this category will cater to your needs effectively.


Alteration projects focus on modifying existing elements of your home, such as walls, electrical systems, or plumbing configurations, without adding anything new. This project type allows for desired modifications that enhance the functionality and layout of your living space. Whether you want to reconfigure a room or optimize the usage of available space, the alteration category provides the ideal framework.


Unutilized spaces in your home, such as unusable closets or underutilized areas, can be transformed into livable spaces with Parceloop's "C" project type. This category enables you to convert uninhabited areas into functional ones, thereby increasing your home's overall usable square footage. It's an excellent option for improving living standards and maximizing the potential of your property.


If you plan to extend or increase the space within your current home, the addition category (represented by "A") is ideal. This project type allows for changes to walls, plumbing, or electrical configurations inside and outside your existing residence to accommodate expansion projects that add extra square footage. Whether you're creating additional rooms or expanding the footprint of your home, the addition category has you covered.

Dwelling Units

Homeowners often desire additional living units within their existing property. Parceloop's "D/U" project type provides the framework to realize such goals. By altering walls, plumbing, or electrical configurations inside your current space and adding an extension, you can create separate yet self-contained dwelling units within your property. This is an excellent option for accommodating multi-generational living or creating separate living spaces within a single property.

Single Family Residence

Like the dwelling units category, the "S/F" projects involve changing walls, plumbing, or electrical configurations inside your home. However, in this case, the additions are attached as one single-family residence within your property. This project type allows for expansion to meet growing family needs or the creation of separate living quarters on your land. It offers flexibility and versatility to adapt your home to your evolving lifestyle.


Parceloop's configurator also features an "O" project type dedicated to outdoor renovations. Whether you want to build a shed, install patio furniture, or create a gazebo, this category allows you to explore various outdoor structures and improvements. By utilizing this project type, you can enhance your outdoor space's aesthetics and functionality, transforming it into a beautiful and functional area for relaxation and entertainment.

When selecting the perfect project type for your home improvement or renovation, Parceloop's online configurator simplifies the process. Based on your unique specifications, the configurator guides you in choosing the ideal project type that aligns with your goals and requirements. Whether you're tackling minor repairs, embarking on significant remodeling projects, considering conversions, or planning additions, Parceloop has all the necessary resources and expertise to ensure successful planning and completion.

However, it's crucial to remember that professional guidance and adherence to local building codes and regulations are essential throughout your home improvement journey. Consulting with experts in the field and obtaining the necessary permits and approvals will help ensure that your project is carried out safely and in compliance with legal requirements. Parceloop's online configurator provides a helpful framework, but working in partnership with professionals who can provide guidance and expertise specific to your project is essential.


With Parceloop's user-friendly online configurator, you can bring your home improvement visions to life. By utilizing the tools and resources provided, you can transform any living space into the ideal environment you envision. From concept to completion, Parceloop is here to support you in creating a home that meets your needs, reflects your style, and enhances your quality of life.