Home improvement has never been so easy with Parceloop Online-configurator

Parceloop provides an individual approach in the connection between building expectations and expertise that matches the highest industry standards.

You can get accurate estimates with our online configurator!

What we can do to save your time

Determine the scope of work

It can sometimes take weeks or even days to get a clear picture of your situation. Through Parceloop online configurator, you can choose between the different combinations of work and processes to create and determine your ideal project scope.

Details are important

You can easily understand our detailed estimates, which include a breakdown of the costs and repairs.

Permit application procedure

We provide support over permit application procedures by getting clarity and saving your time.

Connect with professionals

We offer access to a range of professionals who can bring a project from idea to completion.

Our online-configurator helps you understand what to build and how to build it

No need to worry about the lack of solutions, knowledge and time to bring your ideas to life.

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Benefits of using Parceloop


Estimates the scope of work to see the entire process in order to make key decisions.


Improve the quality of your project and provide support over the permit application procedure.


Saves your time on research, cost estimation, and negotiation with experts.


Optimize costs and resources to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of project work.


Establishing real-time communications between you, designers and builders.


Reduce the number of changes during construction and the errors that occur.


“The services offered by this company are excellent. It's been a great help in saving me time chasing down service providers for estimates.”


“I can't thank Parceloop enough for their exceptional service and unwavering dedication to providing an individual approach. I was impressed with their attention to details and their understanding of my needs from the moment I first engaged with their team. Parceloop's knowledge and expertise are at the highest level of industry standards. They have provided accurate estimates using their online configurator.”


“I am happy to share my experience with Parceloop. Their online configurator was a great way to get accurate estimates. It saved me time and provided clarity on costs. I would recommend Parceloop to anyone looking for reliable, customer-centric service.”




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